We imagine. we create. we capture.

Hi! Welcome to our little photo world! We hope you will enjoy watching at least half as much as we enjoy the creation of this our little world. For us, all this work is play, fun, challenging and a perfect merging of beautiful and useful. We believe that business can be successful only when all parties in the business are happy. And we hope that we are on the right track. Thank you for visiting us!

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  • Nikola Miljkovic
    Nikola Miljkovic

    I am not doing photography, I am living photography.

    I was very young when I discovered my passionate love for photography. I enjoy exploring the world through the lens of camera, admiring and learning about nature, going beyond what others would glance at. During the years of studying architecture, I mastered the basics of framing, composition, light, exposure … From a personal perspective, 2007 was the year when photography became my only profession. It was then that I came to decision to present my work at my  first solo exhibition. By the end of the year, I have started contributing to stock photography through some of the world largest stock agencies (iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia…). Today, I am working as a freelance photographer, on assignments and for stock (exclusive photographer at iStockphoto).
  • Jelena Miljkovic
    Jelena Miljkovic

    Producer, retoucher, photographer

    Ever since I was a child, my favorite pastime and real enjoyment was to do something creative and to create something out of any available material. This love has never left. My hobby I still cheerful applied when I became a mother because my kids enjoy these games. Today I'm doing a job in which there can never be too much of creativity or fantasy and I'm very happy about that ... It's just that days are somehow too short for everything I want to do.

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